Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 - Week 1

Rhoda is coming along quite nicely! I'm already starting on page 2 of the chart. Although not sure how much stitching time I'll get next week as it's time to
bring the college kids home.  Which will include packing up and moving the youngest completely out of the dorm.

I look forward to them coming home even if it's only for a few days since both of them have signed up for classes in what they call Maymester.  Hints will noisy for a few days and then quiet again when they head back to school.

When I pulled my threads for this chart I thought I had plenty of DMC.  The designer actually put skein amounts on several of the numbers.  But I have quickly gone through one skein of two colors and feeling a bit panicky.  So the first opportunity I'm going to pick up 2 more skeins of the two colors.

Another thing unusual about the chart is that it called for the use of needlepoint yarn.  It is enclosed with the chart.  Several strands of purple and quite a few strands of red. I'm hoping that I don't have any more call for the purple because I'm almost out already.  

I also cut the strands in half before using them, because of the thickness, I didn't want fraying or breaking.

This designer is also retired.  I located her on FB but I don't think she visits her page often. I had a few questions about the use of the needlepoint yarn but since I received no reply I just winged it.

Guess that's what happens when you hold onto your charts for so long before stitch them. Also why I'm trying to stitch things I've had in my stash for awhile.

I managed to give away some more charts that I will never stitch and passed them on to someone I hope that can use them.

Those charts you just had to have at the time because they were calling to you. You just had to have it.  Now there isn't even so much as a whisper from them.  Time to let them go and call out someone else's name!


  1. Wow, Pam! Rhoda looks great; you are off to a great start on her. Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't run out of the needlepoint yarn.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. I actually did run out of purple. I actually tried to replace it, but unfortunately both colors (red and purple) have been discontinued by the manufacturer. I finally tracked the designer down on FB and was able to ask if she had some extra and might be able to send me some. (thankful for my "collection" experience in my younger days and being able to find people).
      She has kindly agreed, and I will be able to stitch around those parts. But....I was actually able to find out that it wasn't me, but rather some mistakes in the original chart which were never caught. At this point, I am working with the designer on several areas that show symbols to use for one color,
      , (i.e. purple) when they are actually supposed to be the symbol for red.