Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 - week 3

Felt like I made a lot of progress this week when I was able to finish pages 2 and 3.  

I received the replacement needlepoint yarn from the designer and was able to rip out the purple and red I had already stitched and replace it with correct color.

So I'm back on track.  Another weird thing I discovered about this chart is the grid lines are off.  Never seen one like this.  When you go from pages 1,2 & 3, the grid lines should be consistent from top to bottom.  When you get to pages 4, 5 and 6, the grid lines across are not where they should be.  Oh well!  Still a beautiful sampler and I ran a few grid lines of my own to make sure I was keeping on count.  Especially since this is a wide sampler.  I'm using 36" scroll rods.

I have already picked out my next project.  Won't be sharing till I finish this one. It's definately a sampler and my guess it's of Scottish origin.

The delemma continues with what I should purchase next.  Is it more fabric, fiber packs for some time charts I already have?  Or do I purchase 3 more sampler charts?  Hmmm what to do? 

Thought I was full up on charts since I have some real beauties in my stash.  But then I saw some by Heart's Ease Exampler.  The Maryland sampler and Norfolk sampler are to die for!  Especially since my hubby's family reside in Md. And my daughter was born in Md.  The Norfolk chart!  I spent many a year's residing in that area while my husband was active duty Navy.  My youngest was born in Portsmouth and my oldest is living in Norfolk right now.

I may have mentioned that I have my 93 year old mom living with us.  She has taken up residence in my office chair which goes to my sewing machine.  Probably because it's close to the TV.  But when she gets a bit bored with watching the Hallmark channel or NCIS reruns I find her spinning the chair in my direction as I stitch away.  She keeps asking me "are you almost done?" 

I don't think she has any idea how long it takes to stitch something and as soon as this project is finished I'll be putting a new piece of fabric on my stand to start another!


  1. Great job! This is a beauty and glad you found the yarn you needed. Some of these oldies are the best! I will watch your progress.

    1. Rebecca Dorrie is on FB. She's the designer. Although she's retired, she may still have some charts she's willing to sell. It's really worth the try. She's awfully nice and was so helpful! We stitchers like to have our stash, I have seen some real beauties on FB and fell in love only to discover the chart was OOP. At that point the hunt to find the OOP chart becomes bordering on obsessive. Lol.

  2. Wow, Rhoda looks stunning and she isn't finished yet. I do believe some of the older sampler charts are more appealing than some of the newer ones. Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I know Robin can you believe I'm not finished?! I'm such a slow stitcher!