Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 - Week 4

My big goal this week was to finish page 4.  I finally put the last few stitches in a few moments ago.  

It was rather slow going as there was so many motifs. Plus the alphabit in Algerion stitches.  Not my favorite stitch!  They look so pretty when completed but it seems like it takes for ever to do them and see any progress.

The border is quite detailed too.  Zigzags, has cross motifs at each point with a single stitch in the middle.  Followed by more zigzags with leaves with alternating birds and animals and more Algerion stitches. Plus names. Then if that isn't enough a single line of cross stitch along the bottom.

I have been going through DMC like Sherman through Atlanta.  I can not tell you how many times I have been back to Michael's, AC Moore and Walmart to purchase more thread. If you have this in your stash, buy 3 skeins of pretty much everything, especially the greens and golds and blues. It'll save you on multiple trips.

I always feel quilty for wanting to add to my stash.  Be it charts, fabric or thread. To be honest, I do downsize the charts from time to time.  By giving them away or donating them.  I also set a monthly budget for myself of how much I will spend in my hobbi.  Sometimes I'm over and sometime I'm under.  This month I think I spent under $40.  Included a yard of linen I bought on an eBay auction and the extra skeins of DMC.

Being a part of FB I read the stories of stitchers that their stash collections go back for decades.  Then they, or the loved ones are forced to dissemble the collection within a very short period.  It's heart breaking to read the stories because you can hear how overwhelmed they are.  

Just something to think about.  I have had to think about it due to a sudden loss of someone, plus moving my mother's things.  I guess the question to ask is, is my stash organized?  Do I want my family or myself to be overwhelmed by having to rid should it be necessary? If you have things that are older than 10 years you have to ask "am I really going to get to this?"  Just food for thought!

On a bit of a better thought.  I managed to purchase some baskets that attach to the railing that leads to the door of the mud room. My hubby installed them for me.  Picked up a few more posies today and planted them.  I think they'll brighten up that entrance a bit.


  1. You made great progress on Rhoda this week, Pam! Very nice planters and posies you found. Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Thanks Robin found them at Walmarts for about $5 ea. Am debating whether to get 2 more for the back part of rail.
      Yes determined to finis page 4. Started on page 5 last night. Page 6 is only half a page. This is point where I want to move on to another project!
      I recently had a FB conversation with a stitcher who stitches the complete border first and now has a bevy of projects unfinished because she loses interest.