Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 - week 5

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Pretty amazed at myself that I managed to stitch this much. Last week was just a busy week withcommitments.  Unfortunately, commitments as well as the sometimes necessary afternoon nap 
take away from stitching time.

I think another day or two and I will be completely finished with this sampler.  I will take a few days off before I begin another because I just have to work on the slip covers to cover the floral love seat and couch.  Going to the boys townhouse for college, and the floral print was not their style.

After that, it'll probably be a few small projects to take with me to our annual family vacation in the outer banks.  Then next on the list is Isabella Gray 1838

Had this in my stash for awhile, fabric color and count as well as the designer will follow when I actually start stitching it.

Managed to go to another stash sale by the Woodbridge stitching group.  They meet on Tursdays at the Wegmans.  They are helping liquidate the stash of a member who passed away.  After an hour I managed to purchase 3 pieces of fabric in larger cuts and various cts. and a chart.

This Is MMS 1758 by Sampler Workes. 


  1. Rhoda is looking fabulous. It won't be much longer before she is finished. What smaller projects are you thinking about adding to your travel bag? What a lovely sampler you purchased at the stash sale.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. I pulled two smaller projects and the one I had the most threads for is the one I'm gonna start. Both use gentle arts threads. One was Ann Pegg the other Karoline Beringer. The second one actually uses wool but when I checked the price of each skein being $4.99 decided to stick with the hand dyed cotton. If post pics but it won't let me in a reply.