Friday, March 22, 2013

Cross Stitch Galore

I finally made it to the Woodlawn Plantation Embroidery show held annually in Alexandria, Va.  Three years in a row, something came up that I wasn't able to attend, so I was really excited that I was finally going to go.  There were some beautiful pieces.  Several that would have definitely gone on to my want/wish list.  Except that there was little information available on the pieces displayed.  The little placards only had the name and number of the entry.  I would have loved for those pieces that weren't originals, that there was more background for the piece.  Did the piece have a name? Who made the chart?  Fabric, fabric color, count, thread used.  They do not allow pictures so I guess those samplers that I really liked will not go into my wish list.  Since I now can't remember them.  Alas!

But, it was a good excuse to scoot across the street, to In Stitches.  Of course, I can't walk out of there empty handed.  I purchased a Scarlett Letter pattern and the fabric.  I love this store.  All the woman are so helpful and friendly, but I especially like Patricia. I shared my blog address with her and asked her to please follow me!  I told her, I only have one follower, and am feeling like I'm talking to myself.  My sister checks my blog often, but being technologically challenged she hasn't figured how how to become a real follower.  I had to send her the link so she could add it to her favorites. Otherwise she wouldn't be able to find it.

Today we went to Virginia Beach.  We arrived early enough so that I could check out Dyeing to Stitch. When I lived in Virginia Beach I used to go into the store quite often.  It has moved, still in KempsRiver, but farther down in the strip mall. I walked out with a small chart and some fabric.  I will say that they used to carry a lot more reproduction sampler patterns.  I think that I am just plain spoiled, by In Stitches, and compare all other stores to In Stitches and so far I just haven't found another that comes close.


  1. They usually have pieces of paper you can leave a note for the stitcher. I've both asked about a design and answered questions about my entry.

  2. Wish I had know that. It was my first time going. My stitching buddy and I went to "In Stitches" right afterwards, and the ladies in there, said they could have looked some of the information up as well. There were several that samplers I would have loved to add to my "wish list."