Friday, March 1, 2013

EF 1864 Sampler

I have managed to squeeze in some stitching time between cleaning and laundry.  Plus, we had to retrieve my daughter from James Madison University yesterday, for spring break.  That's 4 hours in the car, not being able to stitch. I drive for those trips.  Otherwise, it would take us longer, as my husband's driving style and mine, or very different.

I am have now moved to the bottom section of the sampler.  Where there are more random pictures. The top part of the sampler has been even rows across.  I need to go back and finish the last complete row across.  It finishes with some sort of rose looking flower across it, but after 2 attempts and then having to rip out both times, I decided it was best to move elsewhere and leave those flowers for another day.

On another note, I have never heard from the creators of the other band sampler I am also working on.  It was the mother/daughter Cochrane band sampler.  Bummed, but what can you do?  Will finish it as best as I can, based on the blurry picture from the pattern, and hope for the best.

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