Friday, March 8, 2013

My Stitching Corner

I have created a stitching corner down in the basement.  It's actually worked out well, as my washer and dryer are down here, so I can multi-task.  In addition, there is a full bathroom down here, so other than eating, I could practically live down here.  It works out well, as my husband started working out of the house about a year ago, and I feel like I am sort of out of his way, while he works between his office and family room.  Right now, the basement is sort of a mess, as all the furniture has been moved to one side of the basement, as we are beginning to FINALLY paint the basement.  It has been contractor white since we moved in, 8 years ago.  The people we bought the house from, had the house built for them, and they never painted a single room in the house.  Even after they lived in the house for almost 5 years, every wall was still contractor white.  I admit some of the rooms are still contractor white.  But, I have managed to throw some color on some of the walls.

1 comment:

  1. Would like to see other shots of your stitching setup. It looks ideal.